Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation

You have come this far that you have chosen to become a computer engineer and thus conduct an engineering course. However, your journey didn’t start yet as you will first have to clear one of the computer engineering entrance exams of the university that you have chosen.
Every university has its own examination with its own rules and regulations. You want to be as prepared as possible because you want to get that admission and start your journey as prospective medicine specialist.
Each year there are about 1 to 2 lakh students. Only about 1000 students get admission. The entrance exam is very difficult so that only those worthy of the course, will succeed.
Preparation for the entrance exam is thus a must if you are serious about your choice and career/future prospective. As we want all students to achieve their goals and dream job we provide the most helpful tips and tricks to prepare you for your computer engineering entrance exam of 2017.


Time Management & Planning

Not the strongest skill of a student but very important for the computer engineering entrance exam and future/career. If you don’t know how to manage the limited time, you can write yourself as failed already.
Start as soon as you know that you will conduct a computer engineering exam. The earlier you start the less stress you will have by the time the exam is near.
The key of good time management is knowing what the test includes. You should read the full paper before starting the first question. Read all the questions, like this you can already make a selection of questions you know directly and others which you have to think about longer. Then go to the first question and try to answer. If you are certain that you don’t know the answer or you have to think longer about it, then skip that question and go to the next one. You do this for the full exam paper. First the questions you don’t have to think about, which takes you less than 2 minutes per question. Then you go to the left over questions and solve the more easier ones first. Don’t stare at a question to long. If you don’t know after 5 min then go to the next on. At the end only the most difficult ones will remain and you will have to check how much time is left to solve all of them.
Furthermore, you need to know your weaknesses and strengths so that you can study accordingly. Put more attention to your weaknesses and than go further with your strengths.

And last, but not least, don’t postpone your study timings. If you have planned a study moment on day x at hour y and you made the plan to study for 2h, stick to it! Don’t postpone it because a friend is calling. Keep your social life but arrange it according to your study and not the other way around.

Believe in it

Don’t get demotivated. You will have a lot to study and it might not go as planned or thought, but it is important to keep believing in yourself and the fact that you will succeed. Don’t drawn yourself in endless hours of study, take a break once in a while so that you can relax also.
Keep calm and don’t stress. If you feel that the pressure gets too much then take a break. Don’t over study and keep motivated.
Mock-Tests & previous exams

There is no such thing as “doing too many mock-tests”. In those mock-tests the questions of previous years are included which will help you knowing the pattern of the exam. Plus, you will be able to figure out which questions come back in every exam. Like this you will be able to just memories the answer so that at least one question goes without to much thinking.
Get to know which subject gets the most marks in the exam and study that subject more.


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