MCA Entrance Exam Preparation Online

You have come this far that you have chosen to become a Master in Computer Applications and thus conduct a MCA course. However, your journey didn’t start yet as you will first have to clear the MCA entrance exam of the university that you have chosen.
Every university has its own examination with its own rules and regulations. You want to be as prepared as possible because you want to get that admission and start your journey as prospective MCA specialist.

Being an MCA is a job of the future. More and more our world turns to be a digital than a physical world. For that purpose specialists are needed in many fields. One of those fields is the field of computer application.

Preparation for the entrance exam is a must if you are serious about your choice and career/future prospective. As we want all students to achieve their goals and dream job we provide the most helpful tips and tricks to prepare you for your MCA entrance exam of 2017.

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Time Management

Knowing when to start, how to divide your time and how to complete in time is a skill you need to teach yourself if it is not a skill of yours yet. The MCA entrance exam asks a lot of skill and knowledge thus it is advised to start preparing on the exam as soon as you know you want to take admission in the MCA course. We advise to start in your final year of graduation. If you are dedicated enough and spend a good 4-6h study every day then a preparation of about 6 months will be enough.


The MCA Entrance Exam consists out of three divisions, mathematics, logical reasoning & analytical ability and communication. It is very important to know the pattern before starting your preparation. Be sure your mental mathematics are up the mark as the questions are focused on this mostly. Logical reasoning is normally an ability that every person has, if not it is required to practice it a lot. Analytical ability can be practiced through the previous year’s exam sheets or through books that have exercises and the explanation. Communication might seem very easy, but don’t get mistaken. The question will seem easy but when you start thinking about it they will appear confusing and difficult. A good practice is thus required.


Never take satisfaction after one good mock-test. Keep doing more and different mock-tests. You learn out of your mistakes and out of your successes.

Every university has its own MCA entrance exam and thus the exam might differ from university A to university B.
Before starting your preparation, know which college you will attend to conduct the course and gather the information you need regarding the MCA entrance exam that college provides.
Home or Coaching?

It is up to yourself whether you need guidance of an expert or prepare on your own self. In a coaching institute you will also get to know the difficulties and how to tackle those difficulties, when you might not be able to do this at home


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