Planning and Preparing for MBA Entrance Exam

You have come this far that you have chosen to enter the business world with conducting the MBA course. However, your journey didn’t start yet as you will first have to clear the medical entrance exam of the university that you have chosen.
Every university has its own examination with its own rules and regulations. You want to be as prepared as possible because you want to get that admission and start your journey as prospective MBA.

Each year there are about 50000 students, that conduct the entrance exam, but only 220 seats are available. The entrance exam is very difficult so that only those worthy of the course, will succeed.
Preparation for the entrance exam is thus a must if you are serious about your choice and career/future prospective. As we want all students to achieve their goals and dream job we provide the most helpful tips and tricks to prepare you for your MBA entrance exam of 2017.

Language and other abilities

You will be entering the world of business and business comes with a lot of communication. Doing business happens worldwide and is everywhere the same. You want to make the best deal, thus you need to be able to communicate. Not only communication but also your thinking, leadership and your world knowledge has to be up the mark.

First of all it is very important that your English skills are perfect. Your expressions, grammar and vocabulary are crucial. Most likely you will get international clients and the language you have to use with those clients is English, which is the world language. Even handling domestic clients requires excellent English skills as English is seen as more professional.
Furthermore is it very important to know the market, domestic and international. You have to be aware of how people think and handle not only in your own country but also of that of an other.

If you don’t have any leader skills or you don’t like to speak in public, you will face a lot of difficulties and then MBA might not be the best option for you. As an MBA you will have to lead a team and speak with clients, team members, maybe on public events etc.
As last is it important that your mathematics and statistic reasoning is up the mark as you will need it a lot being an MBA.


An MBA exam is very unpredictable and there is no fixed pattern which you can focus on. However, the number of questions and the time frame is fixed. A total of 60 questions will be on the entrance exam, which have to be answered within 45min. The marks change continuously thus it is not possible to predict the negative, positive and neutral marking.

It is important to practice all types of questions and not focus on just one type, thinking that another type is less important. As previously mentioned, the MBA entrance exam is very unpredictable and thus all types of questions are important to study for. It will give you the advantage of determining which type of question they used and thus you’ll be able to answer the question faster. Also important are the mock-tests. Do as many mock-tests as possible. It will increase your ability to recognize the type of question and to understand where you went wrong and what you did right.

Different than other entrance exams, with the MBA entrance exam you need to set goals for every learning session. With the MBA entrance exam you don’t have to focus on special topics. You need to practice and be prepared on skills which are not always written in a book with a clear answer. Skills like language, logical reasoning and other basic abilities are the “topics” you will be needing to focus on, which is some time difficult to test. That is why it is advisable that you don’t start studying just like that, but set a goal for every study session.


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