Law Exam

Law Entrance Exams Preparation 2017

You have come this far that you have chosen to become a lawyer or other law specialist and thus conduct a law course. However, your journey didn’t start yet as you will first have to clear the law entrance exam of the university that you have chosen.

Every university has its own examination with its own rules and regulations. You want to be as prepared as much as possible because you want to get that admission and start your journey as prospective law executive.

Each year there are about 45000 students, that conduct the entrance exam for one of the 100+ law colleges in India. Being a law executive is not a job as any other, it is deciding about justice and injustice and about helping your client in the best possible way. Nobody would want an incompetent person to be taking care of their justice. Imagine that an incompetent lawyer makes the victim looking like a villain. Thus, the entrance exam is very difficult so that only those worthy of the course, will succeed.


Preparation for the entrance exam is a must if you are serious about your choice and career/future prospective. As we want all students to achieve their goals and dream job we provide the most helpful tips and tricks to prepare you for your law entrance exam of 2017.

Career Choice

Before going through with this career choice, make sure that it is the career that you truly want. Law knowledge and becoming a law expert takes years and lots of study. If you are not up to that then also don’t start the entrance exam.


It is never to late to prepare yourself, but never go unprepared and think that you will be doing just fine. Be sure that your English is up the mark, that your comprehension ability is fast and that you can think logically.


A law exam can be tricky. When you think you have to think critical you might have to think logical and when you think logically you’ll have to think critically. It is very difficult to defer those two from each other. It is advised to consult a teacher or trainer that is specialized in law entrance exam preparation.

Factors of the exam

Not only knowledge but also time management, your logical and critical thinking, reading speed, fast comprehension, accuracy and mathematics are important skills to attain for the law entrance exam.


Some knowledge you can only attain a few days before the exam but a lot the skills and knowledge you need you have to maintain daily. Topics as practicing logical and critical thinking and current affairs need to be practiced every day.


Studying in group is generally encouraged because you can distract each other, the studying speed is lower and everyone studies in their own way so you might disturb one another; however, for the law entrance exam there are some topics which are better to be studied in group. To be prepared for current affairs and general knowledge it is advised to study in group. You most likely aren’t aware of all the current affairs and general news. In group you can keep each other up to date.


Studying law is not always very joyful. It is difficult and you can get easily demotivated as it might seem that you are not getting forward with your study. Search something that keeps you motivated and keep going. One thumb-rule is not to study for more than 1-2h. Law isn’t an easy topic and thus needs a lot of time to get processed by your brain. Give your brain that time. Take a break after every 2h and then study again.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

When you prepared yourself take a mock test. If the result is not as what you expected then check your mistakes, prepare again and do another mock-test. Are the results more than you expected check how this comes and take another mock-test to see if your results are over expectations again. Don’t settle for just one mock-test. Keep studying, trying and learning.


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